Pip and the Roommate

Try to tell me that this is not the cutest little kitty in the world. What's that? You can't? Told ya. Cutest kitty in the world!!

Meet Pip, the newest addition to my household as he cuddles with the Rommate. He's snuggly, soft, incredibly gentle, and does the most hilarious butt waggling maneuver when he kneads his bed or somebody's lap. He's also the new mortal enemy of Jade who thinks that the Roommate and I should be shot for even thinking of bringing a second kitty home. I can't wait until the two of them start getting along!!

Jade who refused to be seen with THAT other cat
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3 Responses
  1. Pip is adorable, but I bet the cutie has claws to boot. I've lost many a shirt to those wonderful little furballs! :)

  2. Mimzy Says:

    I know. I love wearing sweaters and I can't at home if I don't want it ruined.

    As for Pip, he's not declawed but he doesn't seem as obsessive as his sister at keeping them sharp. While he uses the scratching post, his claws always seem rather dull when he's kneading me. Something to ask the vet about today when he goes in for his check up, I guess.

  3. Your cats and the kneading! Gah. Pain. Soushi's gotten bad about going at the couch though lately. Claws go in me and out come the clippers :P ehehehe.

    Pip is so cute! I can't wait to cuddle him!! I'm glad he got healthy. You're right, he's tiny. I think he may be smaller than Ophelia. She's officially 3.2 kilos.