I've always loved musicals. Growing up on Disney probably taught me that people suddenly bursting into song and dance was something normal and expected in life. Ah, the lies of childhood. My first and strongest, non-Disney love was Singin' in the Rain. Why? It's funny! When I was younger I watched it for Donald O'Connor's slapstick (especially Make 'Em Laugh!) but now I've fallen into the cult of the induring hotness of Gene Kelly. There's so many male stars that would never be able to get a job in Hollywood now, but I would line up to see a new Gene Kelly film! Provided, that there was plenty of singing and dancing of course!

That said it's probably obvious why I love the TV show Glee so much. There's singing(!), dancing(!), and enough of a plot to keep the spaces between the singing and dancing interesting. Plus Sue Sylvester (played by Jane Lynch) is hilarious. That woman needs to win an Emmy or five. She gets all of the best lines and she delivers them with such conviction that makes even the most rediculous things sound normal.

"I'm all about empowerment. I empower my cherrios to live in a 
constant state of fear by creating an environment of irrational random terror."

Considering that I didn't have an iTunes account before I discovered this show (I had to buy the soundtrack! They made me do it!) and that I'm currently obsessively watching the clock until the Roommate comes home (she may murder me if I watch this week's episode without her... Only 4 more hours to wait....) I can safely say that this is the only show I've been this crazy for in years. Mad Men? I would pass up the hotness of Don Draper for silly singing and dancing. Heroes? Sorry Hiro, you've been replaced in my geeky heart. Glee is a show that gives me warm fuzzies from head to toe. It's completely unrealistic, unabashidly non-PC at times, and a little plot-weak at times, but I dare you to watch this show and not have a grin on your face after watching these guys sing 'Don't Stop Believeing.'

Glee Don't Stop Believin' from eliazar rodriguez on Vimeo.

And here's my personal favorite song, a mash-up of 'It's my Life' and 'Confessions' which was the reason I got an iTunes account in the first place!

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3 Responses
  1. That looks fun!! And I can counter that bursting out in song isn't real life... Lindsey and I got several turned heads last night whilst signing various songs from Hunchback of Notre Dame on the street. hehe. No dancing though. I'd fall. Can you watch the episodes anywhere online?

  2. Mimzy Says:

    Essie! You can watch the 5 most recent episodes at hulu.com

    Besides that, there's really no site that I would recommend for livestreaming the show that doesn't have a million and one ads and potential viruses. There is www.yidio.com, but that one has quite a few very annoying pop up ads and you're only allowed to watch 70 minutes before they hit you up for money and/or make you wait an hour. That's more then enough time to watch an episode, but if you're marathoning the show it gets annoying.

  3. I can't use hulu from Japan >_> Guess I'll have to wait to see it ^^