The Bad: Monday, while the Roommate and I were driving to school, the brakes to my car went out.

The Good: We weren't going downhill yet. If we had been there would have been some serious trouble as the hill that the Roommate and I live on is very steep. I honestly don't know what I would have done if the brakes had gone after we'd made the turn to go downhill. The only things I can think of trying seem suicidal at best and probably would have ended up damaging the car and injuring the Roommate and I. Seriously, what do you do when gravity is pulling you downhill and there are no brakes? The best thing I can think of is riding the shoulder and trying to pull into a flat side street and, if that failed, hitting a light pole.

The Bad: After getting the car to the side of the road, walking home, finding a tow company, calling the tow truck, and walking back to the car, I was hopelessly late for school and missed my first class.

The Good: The Roommate's first class started at 9AM (my first class was at 8) and the very, VERY nice man at the repair shop forced an underling to take us to school in time for her to make it.

The Bad: Monday and Tuesday the Roommate and I had to walk home. (We took a cab in the mornings... Our excuse was the cost was worth it if we got that extra 30 minutes of sleep.) Monday and Tuesday was also quite cold and damp. Which meant that Tuesday during an Economics exam I started feeling like hell and the feeling only increased during the day.

The Worse: When I picked the car up from the shop Wednesday afternoon, all I could think about was naps. The bill ended up being a little more then I could afford which means budget cuts are in my future (hello ramen noodles three meals a day!) and, worst of all, I found out that I really would have been screwed if the brakes had died while I was going downhill as the parking brake was also dead. How, I don't know. I'm not a car person. All I know is that every brake in my car was dead and I don't even have a past dark enough to claim that someone was trying to kill me!

The Even Worse: Thursday I woke up dead. Or at least I felt dead. The Roommate was forced to drive herself into school as I spent the day in bed wishing that Terry Pratchett's Death would hurry and show up to put me out of my misery. Lordy Lou, even my skin ached.

The (sort-of) Good: Between naps I got pretty close to beating the Professor Layton and the Curious Village game. Apparently illness makes me better at tricky logic puzzles. Go figure. Also, today I woke up and felt not-dead enough to come to school. Where I'm now sniffling loudly and using a public computer. Take that, school anti-illness propaganda!

The Better: I found a new, wonderful, online comic yesterday! It was the only thing that made me laugh hard enough to keel over in a coughing fit, but still be worth it! Check it out, I command ye! 2D Goggles

The News That Makes this Entire Week Worth It: Today I'm supposed to be bringing home my new kitty! The animal shelter has deemed him healthy enough to be released and I'm bringing him home after classes today! The Roommate and I are planning on naming him Pip and I'm SO excited!
5 Responses
  1. Phil Says:

    Commiserations on the bad luck with the car (must be those space pirates eh?), congratulations on the kitty, and thanks for the 2D Goggles posting, you successfully thwarted any attempt to get some writing done yesterday afternoon ;)

  2. Phil Says:

    Oh, and you're not the only one suffering through sickness atm. Stands to reason, we all get flu shots, so my stepson brings home a nasty cold instead!

  3. Mimzy Says:


    Thanks for stopping by! If you liked 2D goggles, I probably shouldn't tell you any of the other online comics I obsessively follow. They're not all as educational as 2D goggles (I just bought Babbage's autobiography because of that comic!), but many of them are as amusing!

    Feel better soon! I hate being sick, but unfortunately it's a way of life during the winter.

  4. Damn. Maybe it was the elves. They're tricksey little fuckers. Glad it's fixed.

  5. Gary Corby Says:

    I'm way, way late with comments because somehow you fell off my google reader list, Mimzy. I'm so ashamed.

    Glad to see you're still alive after the brake disaster.

    I'm afraid if the parking brake went too then you must have a dark past whether you know it or not, because foot and hand brakes are seperate systems. Probably you are sole, long-lost heir to a fortune and don't know it.