Saturday, October 10, 2009

7:06 AM
The cat was kneeding in between my shoulders, meowing, when I awoke. This was a sign, a message saying "feed me before I go to Stage Two." Long personal experience has taught me that Stage Two means extended claws, louder meowing, and the occasional 'affectionate' nip, so I did what any reasonable person did. I got up, shooed the cat into the hallway, closed the bedroom door, and went back to sleep. Bliss.

9:56 AM
I awoke once more, the sounds of the Roommate moving about waking me. It's important to get to the bathroom before the Roommate as her morning rituals tend to take over an hour on cold mornings. And today was a cold morning. Fumbling wildly for my glasses, I scooted out the door, and darted into the bathroom. Bleary eyed, I made some show of waking up and exited. The cat was already there to trip me up as I stumbled down the stairs. We reached the bottom. I glanced up. I screamed.The Roommate came running. She looked and gave a shout of anguish as well. At just 10 AM, our day was ruined without hope of redemption.

The cause? Snow.

Yes, snow.

Dammit! It usually doesn't snow until just before Halloween! This is two weeks early!!!

1 Response
  1. Aww! I want snow!

    I'm so glad neither of my cats kneed on me. Soushi used to chew on my nose if I slept in too long... but he's lazier than me anymore, and I usually have to push him off of me to get up, even on the weekends :P