The benefit of being back at school is that I’m surrounded by very intelligent people. People who get my weird jokes. People who understand that stupidness is due to being in close proximity to cats. A different type of people. A muti-talented people. A people… who need people. People who understand that this is a reference to Spamalot and think that this musical is the cultural pinnacle of human achievement. Which it is.

It also means that I can talk about trying to invent a time machine with 60% fewer weird looks.

For example, in Earth History. After our first lecture, on the fascinating topic of the syllabus, the professor made the terrible mistake of asking if there were any questions. Now, I’ve had this professor before in Geochemistry and know that he’s a fun guy so I knew that the answer for my question was going to be good. So I raised my hand and asked;

“When are we going to be allowed to use the top secret time machine in the basement?”

“When you get your level five clearance. Any other questions?”

Needless to say I was delighted. There had been barely any pause between my question and the answer. One of the guys on the other side of the room, who had been dozing on and off through the syllabus talk, stirred and woke up.

“Wha? Time machine?”

The professor rolled his eyes. “How else do you think we found out about plate tectonics and evolution? Through science? Think with your brain! Anyone else have any questions?”

I love this school.
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  1. Gary Corby Says:

    I could have used a few more lecturers like that!