A huge Anglo-Saxon horde of treasure was recently found in a farmer's field. The man who discovered it, Terry Herbert, found it while exploring the field with a metal detector. The horde, with it's 1500 gold and silver pieces, has officially been declared treasure (apparently so it can't leave England) and after the pieces have been appraised Mr. Herbert and the farmer who owns the field will receive a percentage of the treasure's worth as a finder's fee.

I really wish that the US had more civilizations that had gold hordes and that I had a metal detector now...

(Image blatantly stolen from the BBC News website)
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  1. Dude, learn anglo-saxon with me. Better than talking like pirates!! :P

  2. Mimzy Says:

    Where would one go to learn anglo-saxon? Is there an online correspondence course? Does one also learn how to repel Viking hordes at the same time?

  3. http://www.ucalgary.ca/UofC/eduweb/engl401/lessons/index.htm *twiddles thumbs* maaaaaaaaaaybe.